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Testing Data

Identification (TLC)SOP:3.8.342ConfirmedN/A
beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide (HLPC)SOP:3.1.335130.76 mg/cap125 mg/cap
Resveratrol (HPLC)SOP:3.1.58125.04 mg/cap125 mg/cap
Total Plate CountUSP 2021550 CFU/GN/A
YeastUSP 202130 CFU/GN/A
MoldUSP 2021<10 CFU/GN/A
EnterobacteriaceaUSP 2021<3 MPN/GN/A
E coliUSP 2021NEG. / 10GN/A
Salmonella sppUSP 2021NEG. / 10GN/A
Staphylococcus aureusUSP 2021NEG. / 10GN/A
Clostridium sppUSP 2021NEG. / 10GN/A
Arsenic (As)ICP/MS0.180 MCG/CAPN/A
Cadmium (Cd)ICP/MS0.007 MCG/CAPN/A
Mercury (Hg)ICP/MS0.008 MCG/CAPN/A
Lead (Pb)ICP/MS0.039 MCG/CAPN/A
Average fill weight (based on 10)497.23 MG/CAP
Report Date: 9/3/2020 – by Advanced Botanical Consulting & Testing Inc.
1169 Warner Ave, Tustin, CA 92780.

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