Returns & Refund Policy

We 100% guarantee that you will receive what you bought – if not we will make it right by either replacing, or refunding the products that aren’t as promised. This means that the products will be intact, and the contents will match the label (within acceptable ranges for manufacturing and testing tolerances), as per that production lot number’s testing COA available on our website at We do not make a guarantee of the customer’s subjective feelings about products, what products are doing, or not doing for them. We will always highlight the latest and greatest research available about the performance of the various molecules we offer, but are not promising transference of these health claims, or promising any other health claims to the customer.

We also offer a 14 day money back guarantee to ensure your happiness, satisfaction, and cover any other reason you might not want to keep our great products. A refund will be issued for all unopened and intact products.

Please note: 14 day money back guarantee returns are subject to a $12 return fee – to cover shipping, handling, and processing fees). To request a refund, please reply to one of your order notification emails, or email with your order number from the email you used to place the order. There is no refunds available for opened products.

Boost your NAD+

Induce mitochondrial biogenesis and regulate mitochondrial maintenance by increasing NAD+ levels to optimize cellular homeostasis and health.
Ramp up energy production by increasing cellular NAD+ in the brain, immune cells and muscle tissue.
Facilitate metabolism and the repair of damaged DNA through SIRT1 activation.