"I have been taking Cell Being every single morning for years now, primarily because it enhances my mood, improves my energy levels, and I just feel like a younger version of me"

Danny Jones

  • Better Recovery

    Helps aid recovery by activating DNA repair pathways†

  • Better Metabolism

    Supports up-regulation of genes related to muscle remodeling†

  • Better Heart

    Helps improve cardiovascular function and reduce risk markers†

  • Better Energy

    Promotes improved exercise capacity and blood vessel formation †

What's inside?

🔋NMN - A powerful molecule that positively impacts many age related conditions: improves diabetic markers, increases energy and endurance, optimizes metabolism, improves sleep, and enhances physical performance

Trans-Resveratrol - We use naturally derived micronized, trans-resveratrol for superior absorption. Studies have shown that resveratrol can combat aging by: improving cognition and cardiovascular health markers in humans, while also reducing inflammation and boosting immunity.

✔️TMG - Is produced by the body and found in foods like beetroot, wheat, and quinoa. TMG is recognized for its ability to enhance athletic performance and improve heart health. Additionally, it plays many important functions related to longevity, including maintaining DNA health, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and supporting metabolism.

  • "It also activates NAD+ which aids in repairing free radical damages and enhances the appearance of younger-looking skin." - read more

  • "Diligently working to get products in the hands of as many people as possible to positively impact their health..." - read more

  • "Can we counter the aging process? Research is providing new insights into why we age. Is aging really just a disease that can be cured?" - watch now

  • "Boost your vitality, repair cells, maintain alertness and mental clarity, consider a supplement that will address your NAD+ levels..." - read more

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  • Thomas Delauer

    Celebrity Trainer & Health Author

    "Cell Being has been exciting to say the least. I knew that I could expect some improvements in my mitochondrial health and possibly some longevity benefits, but what I did not expect was clearer thought, more energy and better sleep. Guess it goes to show how powerful NAD+ is in our bodies. Especially if we're after total body optimization."

  • Amy Rose

    Yoga & Wellness Advocate

    "With Cell Being, my hot flashes disappeared and I’m no longer sweating in the middle of the night. It’s been 3 months since my last period and I was certain I was experiencing menopause. After 3 weeks of taking Cell Being, I got my period back and feel more vital and youthful than I can even remember!"

  • Dominic D'Agostino

    PHD, Neuroscientist, Professor at USF

    "I swim every day, and it gave me a second wind in swimming. I noticed during aerobic physical activity in the context of pushing my body harder, once the activity started to get hard - when I usually give up or fail or have a performance decrement - that's when it was working." - Listen to Dom talk more here.

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Not all supplements are the same

We were dissapointed with our options on the market, so we set out to do it the right way, transparently delivering powerful ingredients that hold potential to impact human health and longevity.



3rd party lab tests for every batch
Science backed ingredients
Target root causes of aging
Cold storage in warehouse
Made in America
Evaluated for stability
  • Importance of NAD+

    NAD+ is the energy that powers the cells in your body. It's found in every single cell, in every single living organism. High levels of NAD+ are associated with improved cardiovascular health, enhanced mitochondrial function, increased energy production, neuroprotective effects, and optimized metabolism.

  • NAD+ Declines with Aging

    NAD+ levels decrease with age and these levels are directly correlated with a number of age-related conditions and neurodegenerative disease. A decline in NAD+ results in a decrease in energy metabolism, weakened DNA repair, and inefficient immune activation.

  • Increase NAD+ with Cell Being

    Cell Being is formulated with evidence-based ingredients that work synergistically to increase NAD+ in your cells. NMN and resveratrol work together to increase NAD+ and TMG acts as a methyl donor, ensuring that your body has enough building blocks to produce NAD+

Danny and Dom go deep on VERSO

In this clip from the podcast, nutritional scientist Dominic D'Agostino and Danny talk about NAD+, their experience with NMN, and Verso Cell Being.


When and how should I take Cell being?

We recommend taking two capsules with your first meal of the day, ideally with some healthy fats to improve absorption.

What are some healthy fats I can take my Cell Being capsules with?

We recommend taking Cell Being with moderate fats, as resveratrol's bioavailability increases by 5-10x when done so. Examples include, but are not limited to: avocado, MCT oil, coconut oil, eggs, yogurt, butter, nuts, and salmon.

Why should I take Cell Being in the morning?

NAD+ plays a role in regulating circadian rhythm and NAD+ has been observed to peak in the morning – therefore, it makes sense to increase NAD+ levels at times that coincide with natural circadian rhythms. However, many of our users take their capsules in the afternoon or split their doses throughout the day and report no negative side effects.

Can I take more than the standard dose?

We encourage our users to experiment with their doses, as there is unfortunately not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to supplementing NMN & Resveratrol. We wrote an article on dosages based on what the scientific literature says and anecdotal user experience, read more here.

How many capsules are in a pack?

Each pack of Cell Being contains a 30 day supply – each daily dose contains:

- 250 mg of NMN, the direct precurson to NAD+, the fuel for helps every cell in your body stay healthy

- 250 mg of micronized trans-resveratrol, a powerful activator of your longevity pathways, naturally derived from Japanese knotweed.

- 70mg of TMG (trimethylglycine, also known as betaine anhydrous), a powerful methyl donor that helps your bodies natural methylation processes function.

Where can I see your testing?

You can see the testing for your pack of Clean Being here.

Your pack will have a lot number on the bottom that will correspond to the lot number of the lab testing certificate.

In the spotlight

Almost everyone who is keen to learn more about aging, longevity and fasting has read or watched David Sinclair’s books, articles, and videos.

It’s important to say that VERSO® is not affiliated with David Sinclair or any of his work, and doesn’t endorse any specific brands. We’re part of the community inspired by his research, and our own scientific research and development of Cell Being and Clean Being supplements finds its roots with him.

David Sinclair is a well-renowned biologist, professor of genetics [1], and co-director for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School [2]. He’s best known for his pioneering focus on epigenetics, which informed and led to his worldwide best-selling book, Lifespan: Why We Age—and Why We Don't Have To.

  • NAD+ Augmentation in Overweight or Obese Middle-Aged and Older Adults: A Physiologic Study

    Administration safely increased circulating NAD levels, and significantly reduced total LDL and non-HDL cholesterol, body weight, and diastolic blood pressure.


    read the study →

  • NAD+ Repletion Rescues Female Fertility during Reproductive Aging

    Treatment with the immediate NAD+ precursor rejuvenates oocyte quality in aged animals, leading to restoration in fertility.


    read the study →

  • Neuroprotective effects of the immediate NAD+ precursor in a photoreceptor degenerative model of retinal detachment

    NAD+ precursor administration exerts neuroprotective effects on photoreceptors after retinal detachment and oxidative injury.


    read the study →

  • Watch this summary of Dr. David Sinclair's work by Thomas Delauer

    Longevity is difficult to talk about and it’s difficult to research. What people think of as longevity isn’t necessarily what it really is...


    read the study →

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