NMN & Resveratrol

Your daily dose of high quality ingredients that support cellular health, help mitochondrial function, and combat aging.


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Why You'll Love It

🧬 Combat Aging: Helps to support healthy cellular aging, and combat the age-related decline of NAD+.

🧪 Pure Ingredients: Only good things, high purity active ingredients, and vegan-friendly – backed by third-party lab testing. 

❄️ Stored Cold: We keep your bottles refrigerated in our warehouse until they ship express to you.

Two Powerful Molecules,
One Effective Capsule.

We use NMN as the fuel to drive-up NAD+ and Trans-resveratrol as the accelerator to speed up the pace at which sirtuins work. Help improve your cellular health, and combat the age-related decline in NAD+

125 mg

NMN/ capsule

125 mg

Resveratrol / capsule


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An effective NAD+ precursor. NMN enters the cell and is converted into the mitochondrial energy source, NAD+ – cellular fuel ⛽


Originally discovered to be in red wine, albeit in very small quantities, binds to and activates sirtuins – increasing their affinity for NAD+ ⚡

Longevity Encapsulated

NMN & Resveratrol have both been extensively researched and shown to help with many of the hallmarks of aging, read more in our deep dives:

Thomas Delauer

“My personal experience has been a much clearer feeling, I seem to be sleeping harder (more efficient perhaps), I definitely am more alert first thing in the morning, very little ramp up period in the morning.”

Everything NAD+

NAD+ is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – It’s essential for energy in the body, but it declines with aging…

What our customers have to say

Sunny Pao
Sunny Pao
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I’m an early riser and before I discovered VERSO® I had trouble staying awake and alert beyond 8:00pm. Been taking it for two weeks now and I immediately see a difference in my energy level! It beats any caffeine boost and I don’t plan on going back to life without it.
Vince Buzzurro
Vince Buzzurro
Holistic Nutrition
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VERSO® has skyrocketed my energy. It’s the same feeling I get when I’m fasting due to my NAD+ levels rising. On non-fasting days, I supplement with Verso to increase my NAD+ levels and it gives me more energy and mental clarity.
Jacy Cunningham
Jacy Cunningham
Alo Moves
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I am thrilled to say that this product does the job. It requires a lot of energy to keep me going and I can’t think of a better product. Clean and effective!
Thomas Delauer
Thomas Delauer
Celebrity Trainer
& Health Author
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"VERSO® has been exciting to say the least. I knew that I could expect some improvements in my mitochondrial health and possibly some longevity benefits, but what I did not expect was clearer thought, more energy and better sleep. Guess it goes to show how powerful NMN is in our bodies. Especially if we're after total body optimization!"
Amy Rose
Amy Rose
Yoga &
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"At 51, I realize, now more than ever, that I need to start taking the proper supplements that enhance my healthspan & lifespan. With VERSO®, my hot flashes disappeared and I’m no longer sweating in the middle of the night. It’s been 3 months since my last period and I was certain I was experiencing menopause. After 3 weeks of taking VERSO®, I got my period back and feel more vital and youthful than I can even remember!"
David Allison
David Allison
Founder of the
Valuegraphics Database
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"We have a global dataset that proves age has nothing to do with who we are and how we behave. VERSO® translates this social reality into a physical one. I'm a fan, and more energized than I've been in decades." "
Dennis Fennessey
Dennis Fennessey
Portfolio Analyst
for Google
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For years I have intentionally avoided the consumption of caffeine or use of other stimulants to boost my energy, primarily due to health concerns. About a year ago I started researching NMN and the potential health benefits. That's when I discovered VERSO® and ordered my first two bottles. Let me say I'm so impressed with this product, my energy and strength are through the roof! I'm not getting tired in the afternoons and my lifts are progressing very quickly.
William Rees
William Rees
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My sleep and energy levels continue to increase while my recovery time has really shown the results of VERSO®. Started taking VERSO® 2 weeks ago and already feel more energetic without crashing during the day. Since taking VERSO®, I’ve had a boost in my daily energy levels. I would recommend to anyone who feels like they’re slowing down with age.
Alyssa Jean
Alyssa Jean
Medical Office
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After recently planning a wedding, becoming a Mrs., and moving into our first home while working as a medical office assistant for a plastic surgeon, I often felt drained throughout the day. After a one-month trial with VERSO®, I noticed a significant difference in my energy level, alertness and productivity. Presently, I've decreased my daily naps. I use to take naps during my one-hour lunch break and right after work. With VERSO®, I have the energy to hit the gym right after work while adding extra cardio. Not to mention our home is now unboxed and organized.
Adam Byron
Adam Byron
Pilot &
Flight Instructor
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After one week I’ve noticed that my reflexes and recollection has improved and I now wake up before my alarm goes of well rested. I am not actively trying to lose weight and have made little to no change to my diet and have lost 5 lbs. I don’t drink coffee ever and find I don’t have an energy low mid day, needless to say I will be ordering more!

Founder Driven

A conversation with the founders: Frustrated by an industry’s lack of transparency and unproven hype.

Aging Redefined

When we let aging take its natural course NAD+ levels decline – and a decline in NAD+ levels are associated with age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. VERSO® was created with a combination of potent ingredients to boost levels of NAD+. Slow Down Aging, Speed Up Potential.

NMN-administered mice showed higher food intake but lower body weight compared to control mice during the process of aging. This was achieved because NMN enhanced their energy metabolism.

A clinical trial using resveratrol increased energy metabolism in obese humans.

Resveratrol induces autophagy independent of SIRT1 by inhibiting mTOR activity, a key regulator of autophagy.

30 days of resveratrol supplementation in obese humans resulted in improved mitochondrial metabolism through the AMPK-SIRT1-PGC-1α axis.

Dietary administration of NMN in a long-term rodent study improved mitochondrial function.

Mice with Alzheimer’s disease were given NMN every other day for 28 days and showed improved brain mitochondria respiratory capacity.

Healthy adults aged 50-75 years, who took resveratrol every day for 26 weeks improved their ability to complete memory tasks.

Resveratrol has shown to reduce neuronal inflammation and improve cognitive performance by mitigating hallmarks of Alzheimer’s.

NMN Restores Brain Function by Improving Neurovascular Coupling NMN shows to have cerebral microvascular protective effects in aged mice and findings pose the question of NMN as a potential therapy to prevent aged-induced vascular cognitive impairment

When people who had a heart attack took resveratrol daily for 3 months, they significantly decreased their LDLc and improved both left ventricle diastolic function and endothelial function

NMN given to mice reversed mitochondrial protein hyperacetylation and delayed development of heart failure.

When people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease took resveratrol as a dietary supplement for 3 months, they decreased their serum LDL levels, decreased hepatic steatosis, decreased inflammation markers such as NF-κB and, improved insulin sensitivity.

Resveratrol tricks the body into thinking it’s fasting by activating the same pathways that are turned on when one is fasted. A clinical trial using resveratrol promoted caloric restriction-like effects by improving circulating glucose, insulin, and triglyceride concentrations compared to placebo

A collection and analysis of studies on Resveratrol and other polyphenols that demonstrate powerful anti-viral properties, and how they may be useful for combating COVID-19.

Resveratrol strongly inhibited the replication of influenza virus in MDCK cells, and significantly improved survival and decreased pulmonary viral titers in influenza virus-infected mice.

Resveratrol and pterostilbene exhibit potent antiviral properties against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro.