We use science-backed evidence to enhance health and longevity

NMN + Trans-Resveratrol
The ultimate formula
Warehoused in commercial refigerators
Only good things, no unnecessary fillers or impurities

Our Story

We founded VERSO® because we weren’t able to find a supplement brand we trusted that was producing and storing NMN in a way that we felt safe buying or consuming. Our largest concern was finding a company that warehoused the product correctly, in cold storage. Our other leading concern was the transparency of purity and concentration, verified with third-party testing.

Our solution: Do it right. We started with strategically formulating high quality ingredients, NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) with Trans-Resveratrol. From there we sought to manufacture in only the best facilities, and tested along the way for purity and concentration. Lastly we had to source our own commercial refrigerators to install at our fulfillment warehouse to store our product properly – when these molecules are exposed to prolonged elevated ambient temperatures they degrade to other molecules that have shown to nullify health benefits.

The Team

We’re a (very) small team of (very) passionate humans who are (very) interested in all things health & longevity. For everything else we can’t do directly, we partner with the best. No Ivy League PhD.’s here, we’re just making honest supplements, in a transparent manner.

Kristabel Meier

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Daniel Meier


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Chloe the Husky

Chief of Morale

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Given the embrace of remote work in recent years, we don’t see the need for expensive offices that nobody wants to go to, and be less productive at. As such we work remotely across North America.

We manufacture in a GMP compliant and FDA registered facilities in the US.

Your product will be shipped from our commercial refrigerators housed in our fulfillment center, which is also in sunny Southern California, USA – and if you feel the need to send us a nice handwritten letter, you can do so:

813 Bowsprit Rd
Chula Vista, CA


If you’ve made it this far, good job, and thanks for reading.

You may find yourself asking “Where’s your phone number so I can call you, and chat about all this great stuff!” We don’t think having an unhelpful 1-800 line would do anyone any good. The website itself is a great resource to answer your questions.

Failing that, please let us know how we can help and message us at get@ver.so, as it’s a much more efficient way for us to better serve a large volume of customers.

Boost your NAD+

Induce mitochondrial biogenesis and regulate mitochondrial maintenance by increasing NAD+ levels to optimize cellular homeostasis and health.
Ramp up energy production by increasing cellular NAD+ in the brain, immune cells and muscle tissue.
Facilitate metabolism and the repair of damaged DNA through SIRT1 activation.